Stop Workplace Drama with the Healthy Karpman Triangle

Fed up with workplace drama? Wanting to break the Karpman Drama Triangle? The Healthy Karpman Triangle, or Empowerment Triangle, is the key.

Instead of working in a toxic environment you can create a workplace where everyone feels empowered. When you flip the Karpman Triangle on its head you can increase empathy, improve understanding and maximise motivation. And the great news is it doesn’t just apply to work.

Is the Healthy Karpman Triangle just for the workplace?

While the Dreaded Drama Triangle is often talked about in the context of work, it was originally developed to reflect issues in day to day living where unhealthy relationships arise. So the Karpman Drama Triangle, and it’s counter opposite, the Healthy Karpman Triangle or Empowerment Triangle can be used to improve your relationships at home as well as in the workplace.

If you missed the first video “Fed Up with Workplace Drama?” you can watch it here:

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If you are more of a reader than a watcher here is the transcript.

Too Much Drama at Work?

Here is the Transcript for How to Stop Workplace Drama

Hello and welcome to my second video all about drama in the workplace, and how to remove it. In the last video we took a look at the Dreaded Drama Triangle also known as the Karpman Triangle. We looked at the victim, the persecutor, and the rescuer, and how those roles so often play out in the workplace, and also inside our own heads at times as well.

In this video what I’d like to do is have a look at how you can flip that drama triangle or simply get rid of this thing.

A man called David Emerald, who has studied leadership for over 25 years in the United States of America, has come up with a really simple solution. It’s a Triangle of Empowerment In it he literally flips this Karpman triangle on its head.

To start with, let’s ask what is the opposite of that victim person who comes to you with problems? Well the opposite of a victim is a Creator.

And what about the Persecutor, the person who gets angry, who criticises, nothing is ever good enough, what could they become? In a healthy world, in an empowering world, they become a Challenger.

Finally that rescuer, instead of disempowering people by doing the job for them, a rescuer turns into an empowerer. That means they become a Coach.

That’s it, it’s as simple as that! The Empowerment Triangle, of Healthy Karpman Triangle.

So now you have the three empowering C roles. First the Creator, then you have a Challenger, and finally you have a Coach.

If you would like to know how to remove the Drama Triangle from your workplace, and replace it with its healthy opposite, the Empowerment Triangle, then the good news is that I have a very simple solution for you. It’s just seven steps and I’ve called it CHARGED, and it literally allows anyone take charge of their careers, whatever level they’re at whether they’re at, from the top you know leadership management levels, right down to your team players.

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