Career & Life Quizzes to Give You Clarity

Are you feeling stuck?

Perhaps you are:

  • Feeling like you’re navigating a career maze with no clear exit?
  • Yearning for a change that brings joy and purpose to your daily life?
  • Seeking more clarity and direction in your life?

As an experienced Career Coach, I understand the importance of finding a path that resonates with your passions and aspirations.

These insightful quizzes can help you evaluate where you are currently at in your life and career and steer you along a path of self-discovery.

If you’re feeling stuck or unclear about what you should be doing these quizzes help you gain clarity and direction.

What that means is that you will start to understand yourself better, the options available to you and how to gain more out of your career and life.

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Find out more about yourself with a quiz

If you have been thinking that there has to be more to your life or career then check out the quizzes below.

Which Career or Life Quiz should I do first?

Use them as an opportunity to step back, gain clarity, and starting to think about how to create a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life for yourself.If you’re not sure which quiz is right for you or if you need help identifying the right questions take a look at the information below.

Otherwise, feel free to book in your free clarity call with me, Fiona Spence, and we will work this out together.

Remember, these quizzes won’t magically solve your challenges, but they will serve as powerful tools to assess where you are in your life and career.

Think of them like mirrors, reflecting the landscapes of your journey through your career and life.

Perhaps you’re feeling one of the following:

  • Stuck: Are you’re feeling trapped in your current career?
  • Unfulfilled: Have you been longing for something more in your life, perhaps a sense of purpose?

  • Frustrated: Do you find yourself waking up with a sense of dissatisfaction, disappointment or demotivation?

Or maybe it is something else that brings you here. Either way, allow yourself this opportunity to reflect, gain clarity, and consider the next steps toward a more fulfilling life.

Fione Spence Job & Career Satisfaction Quiz

Career Discovery Quiz

How Satisfied are you with your Career?

Ever find yourself waking up each morning with a heavy sense of stagnation, as if your career path is veiled in uncertainty? The weight of unfulfilled potential in your professional journey is a shared sentiment among many navigating the twists and turns of their careers.

Enter the Job Satisfaction Quiz, your guide to unveiling the complexities of your career landscape. More than a mere questionnaire, this quiz will provide valuable insights into your job and career satisfaction.

Whether you’re seeking confirmation on your chosen path or grappling with the challenges of your current role, you will gain a nuanced understanding of your professional dynamics, helping you identify sources of dissatisfaction and illuminating the path towards a more fulfilling career life.

This quiz is for you if you’re

  • questioning if you are happy in your job

  • thinking about a career change

  • seeking career development

Life & Career Clarity Quiz

Why take the Life & Career Clarity Quiz?

Are you waking up each morning feeling like you’re navigating a complex maze, not just in your career but in all aspects of life, such as your relationships, hobbies, wealth, and health? It’s a sentiment many busy individuals share, and you’re not alone.

My Life and Career Clarity Quiz is your starting point for navigating the intricate dance of life.

You will also learn of the three traps that busy people can easily fall into, and whether you already have!

This quiz is for you if you’re:

  • feeling stuck in life
  • unfulfilled in your career
  • procrastinating, self-sabotaging or lack motivation

Fione Spence Life & Career Clarity Quiz
Fione Spence Job & Career Satisfaction Quiz

Decision-Making Style Quiz

Are you curious about how you make Decisions?

This quiz is for you if you’re:

  • curious about your decision making

  • looking to make better choices
  • interested in understanding your decisions

Job Change at 50 Quiz

Career Change Quiz for the Over 50s:

In the latter chapters of your professional journey, the story you’re living may feel like a script written by someone else. The weight of expectations, financial constraints, or the fear of disappointing others might be keeping you anchored in a role that doesn’t align with your true desires. If the current chapter doesn’t resonate with your aspirations, embark on a journey of self-discovery with my Career Change at 50 Quiz.

More than a quiz; it’s your change to reflect on what it is that you really want in the next exciting chapter of your life life.

This quiz is for you if you’re:

  • seeking more fulfilment
  • searching for a new direction

  • you feel like you fell into your career rather than chose it yourself
Fione Spence Job Change at 50 Quiz

Ready to Discuss Your Quiz Results?

As a seasoned Career Coach, Life Coach and Master Mindset Coach, my mission is to guide bright, busy professionals, like yourself, who feel stuck in their career to gain clarity, direction and freedom so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

So if you’d like to dive deeper into your quiz results and explore the next steps, please book a Free Clarity Call by clicking the button below.

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