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I provide coaching for bright, busy professionals and business owners who are feeling stuck and crave more clarity and direction.

Below you’ll find a selection of client testimonials and success stories for career coaching, life coaching and mindset coaching.

Life and Career Coach Fiona Spence Reviews
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Michael’s Experience

Michael Cross shares his experience of how he got unstuck and gained Career Clarity in just one session! Watch his video if you are interested in what you’ll experience in a Results Based Career Coaching Session with me.

Check out the video below for Michael’s perspective!

David’s Experience

In this video, David opens up about our journey together, including delving into the subtle art of conversational hypnosis that led to his incredible breakthroughs. Curious about the process?

Check out the video for David’s perspective!

Tegan Reflects on Her Session

Tegan Wicks told me she wanted clarity, confidence and direction. She gained all three in a single conversational hypnosis session.

Gabi Reflects on Her Session

Gabi Picket was catastrophising and imagining the worst-case scenario for a particular situation. Using conversational hypnosis, Gabi discovered how to take the blinkers off and see new paths to follow. She now feels much more optimistic and is back to being a glass-half-full person again!

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“Top of her field!”

Eliminating Excuses

I have worked with many coaches and have found Fiona to be at the top of her field. Fiona has an extensive tool kit of tricks (all good!) to help you remove emotional blocks, get past the excuses and achieve goals. I highly recommend her.

Gayl Chivers,
Learning & Leadership Consultant


Business Success

Fiona is a very talented mentor and presenter, and her help was invaluable not only to open my own business in Australia, but also to gain the confidence I needed at that moment to get started. Thanks, Fiona!

Reginald Nepomuceno,
Graphic Designer

“Best coach I ever had!”

Gained Clarity & Direction

Fiona was the best coach, mentor, and trainer I ever had. She always encouraged me, helped me gain clarity and direction, and provided great strategies. She has a wealth of knowledge about business and life and I loved how she used stories to explain concepts. It really helped me to see things from different perspectives. If you want to be your best self Fiona will definitely help you achieve your goals.

Olamide Adewolo, Engineer



Fiona is an incredible public speaker! She is very engaging in the way she presents and just captivating to listen to speak! She has completely changed my perspective on so many things.

Hannah Connor

“She always believes in you”


Fiona is one of the most inspiring people I have met. She makes you feel like she always believes in you and that you can achieve anything you set your heart and mind to. Fiona is very open, honest and approachable. She never judges you but instead helps you see things from new and different angles. I loved the tools and techniques she shared with me and if you haven’t already connected with Fiona I strongly recommend you do.

Karina Landim, Branch Manager at Now Education Agency

“Tackled Personal Development”

Fiona graciously offered to give a presentation to the BOTS networking group last Friday. What a treat we were in for! Fiona tackled the topic of personal development, in particular some of the lessons from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and gaining confidence in a novel way. Fiona imbedded the concepts by showing how she learned to use a samurai sword in martial arts. Keeping the end in mind and sharpen the saw take on a new meaning when connected to a sword!

Vicki Parker

“I am finally at peace with who I am”

Increased Confidence & Self Belief

I had a wonderful Skype session with Fiona today. We worked on a blockage that I have carried for most of my life. A feeling of not being confident enough internally, and not being at peace with myself. My lack of self-belief left me feeling insecure, unsure of myself and always trying to please others. Because I was always second guessing myself, I never felt really at peace.

Fiona guided me through some incredible mind and subconscious exercises to move past the block. During our session it was wonderful to experience the release of an emotion that had held me back for so long. I could feel myself respond and release the block while building a peaceful confident feeling within.

After our session had finished, I felt much more relaxed and confident than I had in years. A wonderful peaceful feeling of being deeply connected with myself. This created a calm yet strong feeling of a more relaxed and certain mindset for myself.

Since our session I have retained this strong belief in myself and I no longer feel the need to seek approval from others. A key moment for me was when a good friend commented it was great to see me looking so confident. I can definitely say as a result of the wonderful session and experience I had with Fiona I am finally at peace with who I am.
Thank you so much Fiona

Tony Schaufelberger of Quiet Confidence

Tony Schaufelberger, Director of Quiet Confidence


Overcoming Procrastination

I never expected to see results after just one session of coaching. But after a 50-minute session with Fiona I had made my mind up on a decision I had been debating for months. Within 24 hours I had taken action and was making progress towards my goals. 3 sessions in and I am now more self-aware than ever before, I have knowledge about myself that will help me find joy in all areas of life.

This is all thanks to the power of coaching and Fiona’s ability to pick up on what you are really saying, not the BS you are telling yourself. Her non-judgemental, action-orientated approach will leave you motivated and ready to make lasting change in your life.

Steph Welch, Social Media Designer

“I’m stronger”

Became Mr Fitness

Before I started my coaching program with Fiona, when I arrived home from work, I’d feel tired and most days didn’t think I had the energy to do anything else but relax. Having turned 50, I decided it was time to turn things around. If I wanted to get the best out of life, I needed to make some changes. And what better way to start than to get fit again and be ready to take on anything that might cross my path.

Fiona was the perfect coach for me as her approach seemed to fit perfectly. If she had just told me what to do, it wouldn’t have worked with me. Instead she asked me questions and every action that I took and every decision I made all came from me. Fiona supported me in every step of the journey, she kept me accountable, she was realistic but also challenged me as needed, and was great at helping me stay motivated.

From day one Fiona started calling me ‘Mr Fitness’. At the time I thought it was really funny but for some reason I just went along with it. She also explained to me how it wasn’t ‘change’ that was the ultimate goal but ‘transformation’. She explained about how one day I would know I had transformed because I would change to a point where I could no longer change back. Since then I truly have become a runner. I’m stronger than I ever imagined, I eat more healthily, and it has all been so easy and fun. I never dreamt I would get this far. I think the thing I am most proud of is knowing I am setting an example for my son, showing you can make positive changes to your life, if you just set your mind to it. I can’t thank Fiona enough and recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a change for the better in their life, or even better, who would like to truly transform it.

Jeroen Janssen, Manager Software Engineering

“An excellent coach”

Career & Relationship Goals

Fiona is an excellent coach and mentor and I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions I had with her. Fiona was a wonderful sounding board who gave me a positive space in which to sort out my thoughts and feelings around a few major areas of my life such as career and relationships. She helped me work out what I really wanted and what I was willing to spend (not just in $ but in time, energy & effort also) to try to get there. I can definitely recommend Fiona for anyone finding themselves feeling a bit lost or at a crossroads in life; as well as anyone wanting help defining clear actions for a clear path forward.

Elanor Kloester, Systems & Quality Engineer

“Crumbling under the pressure”

Hi, my name’s William Ferguson. I’m CEO and founder at Wylas Timing.

Before I met Fiona Spence I was struggling with the business and we had just switched from being a startup to scaleup and I had switched from working full time for someone else to working for my own company. Days had become endless, I was exhausted and not feeling like I was making an impact on the business.

During my coaching program with Fiona, we uncovered the issues that were holding me back and came up with appropriate solutions to them. She helped me see what makes me tick and to use that to better navigate the chaos that is life. As an added bonus I am always surprised and intrigued by the new insights we uncover.
Now I have a business that I am in control of instead of being buried under. I sleep soundly at the end of each day, am content, can point to the value that energy has created and love watching the business grow.

If anyone needs any help with their mindset, career or any part of their life, I would definitely recommend you speak with Fiona.

William Ferguson, Founder and CEO of Wireless Timings - photograph was a client of Fiona Spence Mindset Coach

William Ferguson,
Owner Wireless Timings

“I have direction now”

Her future was a big black hole

I reached out to Fiona not long after my 60th birthday. With less life ahead of me than I had behind me, I could not imagine what the rest of my life would look like. I actually could not recognise myself anymore. My future was a seemingly a black hole of contradicting thoughts, passions and emotions. In my mind it resembled the landscape of a nuclear blast; desolate and barren.

My time with Fiona has been spent traversing that wilderness. We covered so very much together, from releasing trapped emotions, to conducting interviews with my future successful self, to making friends with the younger versions of me.

It wasn’t long before I began to understand my true passions in life again, and the setting of actions each week helped me see that it does not take much to turn these passions into a reality.
Life for me now has a different perspective. What was once desolate landscape, now has new growth and colour. I have some dreams and goals I am working towards, and some have already taken root. I have direction now, and thanks to Fiona, I have purpose and joy and happiness again.

“If you can hold it in your heart, you can hold it in your hands”

Tina McDonald, Designer

“She can help you move forward”

Had singer’s block after the death of a loved one

I live in London, England where I sing as a soloist, predominately in the Opera and Jazz genres. In Late 2019 the love of my life, my husband Bob, died suddenly. Grief-stricken I was immediately unable to sing, not even around the house. As the months passed by, I tried to restart my singing practice: a daily routine I have had since being a teenager. However, whatever song or exercise I attempted to work on I would just well up with tears. I had heard of writer’s block and wondered if I had the singer’s equivalent.

I became increasingly distressed at not being able to do what I loved. I also felt frustrated as the coronavirus lockdown, whilst restricting my life in so many ways, gave me a good opportunity to work more on my singing technique and learn new repertoire whilst I was stuck at home.

At the time I was having bereavement counselling which I found beneficial in general but the counsellor did not seem to have the tools to deal with my particular problem of being unable to sing. Then I spoke to Fiona in Australia who was able to shed light on the situation. She described my feeling of being blocked as a “trapped emotion”. During that same call Fiona guided me through an amazing technique designed to release emotions, feelings and beliefs that are no longer helpful.

At the end of the session, I felt a huge weight had been lifted from me after I had let go of my fears and unhelpful beliefs. In the days following the release I felt much more free and relaxed than I had in a long time and found myself bursting into song spontaneously! Thanks to Fiona I now look forward to my daily singing practice sessions rather than dreading them and am preparing to sing in public again.

Fiona explained that if you have a block, whether you know the cause such as grief, abuse or a frightening experience, or even if you don’t know what caused it, you can let it go. From working with Fiona I have learned that you don’t have to be prevented from doing what you love: singing or playing music, writing, creating – whatever your passion is. And if you have a fear of doing something that is hindering you from following your passion, for instance, speaking in front of a camera, then, please don’t struggle alone but get in touch with Fiona. She can help you move forward wherever you are in the world.

Thanks Fiona, from the bottom of my heart, you alone have made my heart sing again!

Clara Scholes

“Gained motivation, tools and strategies”

Fiona Spence is incredible. She is so easy to talk to, really listens to me and helps me find solutions for things that are in front of me that I often don’t even realise are holding me back.

Before I started my coaching program with Fiona my mind was all over the place. I had no routine and no motivation. I couldn’t sleep because my brain was running at 100 miles per hour. I remember how I would drive my wife mad because I would get distracted all the time.

During my early sessions with Fiona she helped me build my focus and motivation. I was amazed how quickly I started feeling my old happy self again. Fiona helped me learn that there’s a solution to any problem when you look at it differently and you can turn bad thing into good things. And it turns out that being calm, chilled and relaxed isn’t hard!

I now have so much more clarity and my confidence and self-esteem continues to grow. Fiona says I am incredibly creative and thanks to her encouragement and support I’m achieving and getting to where I want to be at. She hasn’t just helped me with the mental things but she is a business whizz and is helping me to grow my business too.

Fiona talking to you has made me feel so much better. I can let go of things, I can control my actions, I love my coaching sessions, speaking with you is so uplifting. Thank you.

George Maccagnan of Highland Leather draws a sword from a stone

George Maccagnan,
Owner of Highland Leather

“A genuine game-changer”


Working with Fiona Spence as my life coach was truly transformative. Her approach to Advanced Conversational Hypnosis differed from my expectations; instead of a traditional technique, we engaged in a conversation that unveiled the power of my subconscious mind and its role in achieving my goals. Fiona’s professional yet deeply empathetic manner created a safe and supportive environment, starting with small steps and celebrating each success. This experience has given me the confidence to navigate challenges and build momentum in my life. I’m grateful for Fiona’s expertise in Advanced Conversational Hypnosis – a genuine game-changer.

Basil Mabusa

“Gained a New Lease of Life for her Business”

I have in last 4 weeks taken Fiona on as my mindset coach. I have always understood the importance of having your mindset steadfast and focused if you wish to be successful and create results. Yet, I kept falling back into the negative and self-limiting behaviours. Fiona is keeping me accountable, focused and steadfast on my goals and self-belief.

I cannot believe how in just a few short weeks I have transformed. I am so pumped, excited and have found a new lease of life for my business. I can’t wait to see where I will be in another 4 weeks, 4 months, 4 years from now. Thank you Fiona, I am so grateful to have you in my corner

Heidi Strohschon

Heidi Strohschon,
Owner of Healthy Bones

“Learned Positive Self-Talk”

Hi, my name is Staci. I am an author and speaker.

I came to work with Fiona Spence at a time in my life when I felt stuck. My life was going well, but there were a couple of areas where I just could not make any progress on my own. I knew I wanted to change and knew that if I didn’t, I would never reach my goals. My self-talk was holding me back, causing anxiety and unhelpful behaviours.

Fiona helped me clarify and define the things holding me back and then provided strategies to create the change I wanted. She kept me accountable and on track, so we continued to build on each of the changes I made. I was surprised at how easy and quickly changes started to happen.

Working with Fiona has helped me improve the way I speak to myself and stop the limits I placed on myself in my personal life and work. Although I initially worked with Fiona for a couple of specific areas in my life, I found improvement in all the other areas as well, as the skills and tools I learnt were transferable. Overall, it was a fun, empowering and positive experience working with Fiona.

Fiona is friendly, focused, encouraging and incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in coaching. I highly recommend working with Fiona.

Staci McLean Author and Writer

Staci McLean,
Author and Speaker

“Built Confidence and launched a business”

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I’ve known Fiona Spence for a few years now and she has always been positive and helpful in improving my connection and understanding. She has helped me get more in touch with myself and build my confidence to the point where I have launched my own company helping others.

Fiona is such a great person to help build and improve your state of understanding and develop your life for improvement.
I personally think she is fantastic in what she does. Thank you for all your help and support.

Tony Schaufelberger of Quiet Confidence

Tony Schauffelberger,
Founder of Quiet Confidence NZ

“She genuinely cares”

Fiona Spence is a great business, life and mindset coach.

She genuinely cares about the outcomes that her clients achieve. She’ll keep you on point but will allow you a little slack when needed too. I have achieved a great deal from the 3 month coaching program and am renewing for a second term. I highly recommend Fiona’s services.

Martin Worth,
Dreamtime Healing

“Started a Business”

Fiona is a very talented coach, mentor and presenter. She really understands people and she understands business. Her help was invaluable not only to open my own business in Australia, but also to gain the confidence I needed to get started. Thanks, Fiona!

Regi Alvas,
Nepo Designs

“Improved Communication”

During my time with Fiona, she was able help me see the changes I needed to make for better communication and to see that how I reacted to other people affected the way they reacted to me.

Since then I have been able to look at life differently and feel ok saying ‘no’ to people when appropriate and to not feel guilty about it.

I communicate better and am on a journey of learning to be more mindful. Talking with Fiona was exactly what I needed.

Julie Maccagnan,
Small Business Owner

“She empowers you”

“My name is Kathleen and I am the Founder and Creative Overlord of By Ninja, an award-winning brand studio based in Meanjin (Brisbane) Australia.

I first met Fiona at a networking event, and we caught up about a week later to learn more about what each other do. At the time, I knew something within myself wasn’t going so well. We got chatting, and as Fiona started describing the types of people she helps and some of the trigger words they express, a game of ‘bingo’ was happening in my head (I got bingo). I genuinely loved what I do, but I was exhausted. I was not coping with the pressure I’d put on myself to be everything to everyone (but myself). I was frustrated, hyper-emotional, barely sleeping and constantly injuring myself at sports.

During my first session with Fiona, we explored a ‘sleep hack’. That night, I had one of the best sleeps I’d had in a very long time. Sleeping better immediately helped shift my mindset into a more effective space.

In a nutshell, that’s how Fiona works, it’s what she does — she empowers you with the knowledge and tools you need to conquer your ‘thing’, and deliver the greatest, long-term impact.

Six months on and I am so proud of the version of ‘me’ that I have grown into. I have an understanding of what drives me and why. I am more balanced. I sleep. I am more effective overall — a better founder, creative, mentor, friend, daughter, and partner. I have a clearer vision of my future, and what exactly is driving the legacy that I want to build. I am maturing into the version of myself that will actually enable me to achieve my goals, sustainably.”

Kathleen Casford By Ninja Creative Overlord in Pink Jacket with Yellow Shirt confidently looking at the camera

Kathleen Casford, By Ninja

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Certified Rapid Results Coach Award Authentic Education
Certified Rapid Results Coach Award Authentic Education