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Fiona Spence Career Coaching, Life Coaching and Mindset Coaching in Brisbane and Beyond

Based in Brisbane, Queensland, I offer coaching services over the phone and online, assisting clients beyond Australia and New Zealand. In fact, many of my international clients appreciate the out-of-hours coaching I provide due to the time zone difference. 

So, whether you’re a busy professional in India, the UK, the USA, or beyond, I’m here for you. 

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With so many styles of coaching to choose from it can become confusing.

If you’d like to know more about the difference between a Career Coach, Work Coach and Job Coach please check out my blog article here.

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Fiona Spence MBA, BA (Hons)

Fione Spence Black Belt Mindset Coach

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I never expected to see results after just one session of coaching. But after a 50-minute session with Fiona I had made my mind up on a decision I had been debating for months. Within 24 hours I had taken action and was making progress towards my goals. 3 sessions in and I am now more self-aware than ever before, I have knowledge about myself that will help me find joy in all areas of life.

This is all thanks to the power of coaching and Fiona’s ability to pick up on what you are really saying, not the BS you are telling yourself. Her non-judgemental, action-orientated approach will leave you motivated and ready to make lasting change in your life.

Steph Welch, Social Media Designer

“Best coach I ever had!”

Fiona was the best coach, mentor, and trainer I ever had. She always encouraged me, helped me gain clarity and direction, and provided great strategies. She has a wealth of knowledge about business and life and I loved how she used stories to explain concepts. It really helped me to see things from different perspectives. If you want to be your best self Fiona will definitely help you achieve your goals.

Olamide Adewolo, Engineer – Gained Clarity and Direction

Word of mouth award 2023
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Certified Rapid Results Coach Award Authentic Education
Certified Rapid Results Coach Award Authentic Education