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What is the Best Decision-Making Style for Leaders?

Clients often ask me about the best decision-making styles, “What is the best decision-making style for business?” or “What’s the best decision-making style for leading a team?” Well, guess what? In the world of business, just like in martial arts (my other passion), there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer.

The most effective decision-making style depends on various factors, including the nature of the decision, the urgency, the organisation’s culture, and the people involved.

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What is a Good Decision-Making Style for Leaders?

Ready for some key ingredients of an effective decision-making style for business leaders?

Here they are:

Inclusivity and Collaboration: I can’t stress this enough! Encouraging open dialogue and involving stakeholders in decision-making fosters a sense of ownership and commitment to organisational goals. Get ready to cook up some collaboration that promotes diverse perspectives and leads to innovative solutions.

Strategic and Decisive: To make timely and well-informed decisions, think of yourself as a master chef crafting a scrumptious dish. You’ll want to consider the preferences of your guests and when the dish will be consumed. That means understanding the long-term implications of your decision and aligning your choices with your organisation’s vision. Bon appétit!

Data-Driven and Intuitive: Just like a skilled master chef combining ingredients and precise measurements with instinct, you, as a leader, strike the perfect balance between data-driven analysis and intuition. While data provides valuable insights, you know that the whole picture might not always be captured by numbers alone. Trusting your gut instincts in complex decisions can be the secret ingredient that elevates your choices to perfection.

Adaptable and Flexible: Just like a chef adept at adjusting recipes to suit different tastes, you can embrace the art of adaptability and flexibility. Recognise that various situations call for different decision-making styles and be ready to adjust to changing circumstances. Your ability to pivot and navigate diverse challenges will signal to others your effectiveness as a leader.

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Can Business Leaders Have More Than One Decision-Making Style


Just like a versatile chef with an array of cooking techniques, you, as a business leader, can have more than one decision-making style up your sleeve. Adapting your approach based on the context is the key to success in the dynamic world of business.

Understanding that there is no one best decision-making style and being open to learning and embracing different styles will equip you to navigate through ever-changing challenges with finesse. Just as a chef selects the best method for each dish, you can choose the most suitable decision-making style for each situation. Whether it’s the collaborative flair of a democratic decision-maker or the analytical precision of a data-driven approach, your diverse skill set empowers you to make well-rounded choices and lead your team to success.

Examples of the Best Decision-Making Styles for Different Business Scenarios

Crisis Management

During a crisis or urgent situation, a more decisive and autocratic approach might be necessary to make swift decisions that ensure the organization’s stability and safety. However, if your team has a lot of collective experience to draw from, you may consider seeking team members’ input with a more autocratic style that encourages open discussions.

Strategic Planning

In long-term strategic planning, as a business leader, you may adopt a consultative style, seeking input from key team members and stakeholders to gather diverse insights and reach well-informed decisions.

Alternatively, if you want to foster a sense of ownership and alignment in your team, you might opt for a more collaborative approach that involves the entire team in the decision-making process.

Product Innovation

When it comes to product development and innovation, your intuitive decision-making style might come into play. It will allow you to take risks and trust your instincts to create groundbreaking solutions.

In tandem with your intuitive style, you might also choose to use a data-driven approach, combining your instincts with thorough analysis and market research to create innovative products.

Data Analysis

Your analytical decision-making style is invaluable for data-driven decisions, meticulously examining data, market trends, and performance metrics to make evidence-based choices.

Alongside your analytical style, you might employ a consensus-driven approach, encouraging group discussions to ensure all stakeholders are on board with the data-based decision.

While these examples cover common decision-making styles for each scenario, it’s important to recognise that there can be other effective approaches.

Decision-making isn’t one-size-fits-all; different leaders may succeed with diverse styles. The key is to be adaptable and open to exploring various styles that suit specific circumstances.

Flexibility and a willingness to try different approaches are invaluable traits in making effective decisions in the dynamic business world. By embracing this diversity, you can achieve exceptional results and continuously improve your decision-making and leadership prowess.

Fione Spence Black Belt Mindset Coach
Fione Spence Black Belt Mindset Coach

Conclusion and Next Steps

By recognising your own unique style and appreciating the styles of others, you’ll elevate your decision-making skills, foster inclusivity, and set yourself up to successfully achieve remarkable outcomes.

So it’s valuable to regularly check in and review your decision-making style AND embrace the diverse approaches of others. Consider diarising to retake the quiz in 3 or 6-months’ time, to ensure that you continue to grow and evolve in your decision-making journey.

If you ever want to build more confidence in your decision-making or need support in learning different styles and how to adapt them, remember that you don’t have to navigate this journey alone.

As a career and mindset coach, I’m here to help you whether you are a leader in the corporate world or a business owner. If you’re ready to take the next step towards empowered decision-making and want to explore strategies tailored to your specific needs, I invite you to book a free Clarity Call with me.

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